Please join the Oregon FBA in celebrating/encouraging the return of spring to Oregon, and help kick off the U of O Law School’s Symposium on the work of civil rules savant Professor Arthur R. Miller taking place on the next day.


On April 12, 2012, from 5:30 to 7:30, drop by the Hatfield Courthouse and mix with Professor Miller, Chief Judge Kozinski and Judge O’Scannlain of the 9th Circuit, Chief Judge Aiken of the District of Oregon, Justice Kistler of the Oregon Supreme Court, 9th Cicuit Executive Catterson, and many others.  Keep an eye out for famous lawyers from around the country, and don’t miss a chance to chat with your favorite journalists.  While you sip sauvignon blanc and jaw with the jurists, tap your toes to the Tabor Jazz Trio. These JD jazzmen are skilled advocates in the law of rhythm; you can’t deny their motion to swing!


No matter how many bar events you’ve been to recently, you have no excuse to miss this one. The FBA Spring Social is 100% hob-knobbing with the lawterati, and 0% awards, speeches, thank-yous, hit-ups, or elections.  Leave your bar card at home – we didn’t even think about trying to get CLE credit for this much fun!


Apr 12 2012 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm


Hatfield Courthouse lobby, 1000 S.W. Third Ave. Portland, OR 97204


Alexis Collins, acollins@perkinscoie.com, 503.727.2216


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