3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

a divorce lawyer

Family issues, such as a divorce, are often sensitive and messy. The legal procedure and all that needs to be accomplished can make enemies of you and your spouse, especially if you own a lot of properties or have young children. Hence, the ensuing legal battle can get ugly. Experienced divorce attorneys in Albuquerque can …

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How a Reservation of Child Support Works

a child holding her teddy bear

Under the law, noncustodial parents are required to provide financially for their children. This is called child support and it’s basically the amount of money that noncustodial parents need to pay for their child’s benefit, specifically for food, education, and healthcare. Custodial parents are likewise obligated to receive payments of child support. There are certain instances, however, …

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Is the Free-Range Parenting Bill the Answer to Overparenting?

Free-Range Parenting Bill

In March of this year, Utah legalized the so-called “free-range parenting” bill. It’s the first legislation of its kind in America that encourages children to be independent at a young age. Governor Gary Herbert (R) signed the bill in the hopes resolving the issue of overparenting in the country. But the bill’s legalization in Utah …

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The White House Warns Foreign Hackers With New Cyber Strategy Policy

Cyber Strategy Policy

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton announced on Thursday, September 20, that the government is allowing offensive measures against foreign threats on cybersecurity after U.S. President Donald Trump signed the new National Cyber Strategy. Bolton says in an interview that the policy builds a structure of deterrence, showing adversaries that they will face greater …

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