5 Tips for Managing Wrongful Termination Accusations

termination paper

Follow any existing policies and procedures related to wrongful termination as an employer. Accurately document everything related to the accusation. Maintain a professional attitude throughout the process. Consider relevant legal obligations such as discrimination laws, employment contracts, and at-will employment laws. Mediation may be an effective solution to resolving the dispute. Wrongful termination accusations can …

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What to Do After Your Spouse Has You Arrested for Assault


No one likes being in an abusive relationship, and it is entirely legal to get out of such a relationship. However, it can result in an assault charge against the victim in some situations. What should you do if this has happened to you? Once law enforcement arrives at your door, you may be frightened …

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Tips When Setting Up a New Business


Starting a new business is not an easy task. There are so many things to take into consideration, from the type of business to the hours you will be open. The current pandemic only made it more challenging since you have to follow the guidelines set by the government. But with careful planning and these …

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Who Makes Up a Divorce Team?

members of divorce team

While divorce ultimately happens between two people, the process can involve many key players. Their function ensures that couples separate with the least animosity possible. Some of these individuals may include: 1. Divorce Lawyers The idea of hiring a divorce lawyer may seem frightening, but it is often worth it. A good family law attorney …

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Understanding Work-Related Vehicle Crashes

Vehicle Crash

Millions of employees ride a vehicle as part of their everyday jobs. However, it also means that millions are at risk of motor vehicle crashes and injuries each year. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that in 2013 alone, employers had to pay over $25 billion for various expenses. The money spent went to …

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Understanding Non-probate and Probate Property

consulting a lawyer

There is a lot of confusion surrounding a probate court process including the costs, time spent, and whether one can avoid it. Understanding the basics can help remove some of the confusion. A non-probate asset is one where there is a beneficiary or a joint tenancy with the right of survivorship. In a probate asset, …

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Establishing Paternity to Secure Your Children’s Future

father and his son

Family affairs can be highly emotional and messy. Claiming to be the long-lost son of a wealthy businessman, or wanting to claim your share of the family business can be complicated if you do not have the paperwork to back it up. Establishing paternity has been the subject of too many soap operas and movies, …

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Avoid These Things if You Want to Win Your Child Custody Case

Divorce Assistance Lawyer

When the judge is listening to a child custody case, the focus is to make a conclusion based on the kid’s best interest. Although the definition of a child’s best interest differs from one state to another, the court often favors the parent who is actively involved in the kid’s life. The court also supports the parent …

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