How Do You Solve a Workplace Problem?

Woman stressed at work

Problems in the workplace are bound to occur. When there is conflict, it’s best to focus on resolving the problem right away. But there are some cases when both parties aren’t willing to iron out issues. Stubbornness can come from the employees or the managers, or both. So what do you do when tough incidents …

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Exercising Prudence and Discipline After a Car Accident

Couple talking to police after car accident

Initial estimates of fatal and injury-causing car accidents in 2018 show that although some states saw nearly a six percent increase in car accident-related deaths, the overall number of roadside fatalities have gone down marginally. A similar decline is also evident in the number of people seriously injured in car crashes. In fact, fatality risks …

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Categories of General Damages in Car Accident Claims

person taking a picture of crash

The number one question for most people involved in a car accident is how much their injuries are worth. Most victims only consider the extent of their injuries in calculating their claim’s worth. When you are injured in an accident that was not your fault, there are different compensation categories you should claim. Without a reputable compensation …

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Pedestrian-Car Accidents: Criminal and Civil Penalties for the Driver

Man got into an accident

There are various criminal and civil penalties that can be brought against a driver in a pedestrian-car accident case. Auto-accident attorneys can help determine a driver’s liability and negligence in a pedestrian-car accident and provide representation for a victim to receive adequate compensation for related losses. Criminal Penalties In pedestrian-car accident situations, drivers are unlikely …

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