Know Your Rights as a Truck Driver

Truck Driver Rights

Many truck drivers are ignorant of their rights when taking on a job, and it makes them susceptible to exploitation. A good understanding of your rights as a truck driver can help you avoid abuse when taking on a job. Despite moving over 70 percent of the ground freight in the country, truck drivers remain …

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Revoking a Will: Methods You Can Apply

last will and testament

There are various situations where revoking a will may be a feasible option. For instance, major lifestyle changes such as getting a divorce, getting married, or getting another baby may necessitate changes in the way you dispose of your property upon death. While there is a wide range of reasons you may want to alter …

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Added Tariffs on Chinese Goods Still Apply Despite New Law

Tariffs on Chinese Goods

The Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB) of 2018 was signed into law on September 13. It will temporarily suspend or reduce tariffs on over 1,600 imported products, including chemical raw materials and intermediate goods, for the next three years. The Bill won’t affect the new duties President Donald Trump imposed on a list of Chinese goods …

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