What to Do If You Recently Signed an Unfavorable Timeshare Contract

Joint owners of a timeshare

Timeshares are attractive to avid vacationers. They eliminate the hassle of competing with other people for rental accommodations. They can offer desirable benefits, like onsite storage, which makes seasonal traveling less stressful. Are timeshares worth their price? Although timeshares surely have benefits, they are not suitable for everyone. For example, people who want to change …

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Telltale Signs of a Distracted Driver

Woman on the phone while driving

There are places where you just shouldn’t use your phone: in the theater, at an important meeting, or at a restaurant. One of these recognized places should be behind the wheel, since distracted driving – like texting or eating while driving – results in thousands of lives lost per year, having claimed 3,450 lives in …

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Can We Protect Our Seniors? The Problem of Elder Financial Abuse

Elderly woman using a laptop

In 2011, an elderly gentleman went to the US Senate to testify against elder abuse. He was only one of many seniors who experienced financial and psychological abuse from their caregivers, especially family members. But this gentleman was no ordinary man. He was Hollywood actor Mickey Rooney. Rooney’s testimony to the US Special Senate Committee …

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