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Child playing in an indoor playground
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Separation of Space: This Playground Concept Might Help Your Family

Families argue. It’s normal, and it may even be healthy if it gives each member a chance to air out their grievances so that everyone can work on resolving them together. However, when it comes to raising children, parents might argue unnecessarily and lead to divorce. Even if you and your spouse have decided to

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father and his son

Establishing Paternity to Secure Your Children’s Future

Family affairs can be highly emotional and messy. Claiming to be the long-lost son of a wealthy businessman, or wanting to claim your share of the family business can be complicated if you do not have the paperwork to back it up. Establishing paternity has been the subject of too many soap operas and movies,

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Knowing the Common Blunders When Picking a Lawyer

Choosing an attorney is often thought of as an easy endeavor. Some people think of it that way, knowing that they have the Internet at their disposal. But this should not always be the case. If you keep on thinking this way, you are bound to commit some mistakes—some of which can be costly and

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pregnant mother and young son playing on the bed
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When You’re Ready to be a Parent but Your Body Says No

The world is running out of babies. That might sound dramatic the first time you hear it, but take a look at the dropping fertility rates in developed countries. Couples are choosing to get married later, and they push back their plans to start a family as late as possible. Imagine how heartbreaking it would

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Woman stressed at work
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How Do You Solve a Workplace Problem?

Problems in the workplace are bound to occur. When there is conflict, it’s best to focus on resolving the problem right away. But there are some cases when both parties aren’t willing to iron out issues. Stubbornness can come from the employees or the managers, or both. So what do you do when tough incidents

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Couple talking to police after car accident
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Exercising Prudence and Discipline After a Car Accident

Initial estimates of fatal and injury-causing car accidents in 2018 show that although some states saw nearly a six percent increase in car accident-related deaths, the overall number of roadside fatalities have gone down marginally. A similar decline is also evident in the number of people seriously injured in car crashes. In fact, fatality risks

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