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Couple talking to police after car accident
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Exercising Prudence and Discipline After a Car Accident

Initial estimates of fatal and injury-causing car accidents in 2018 show that although some states saw nearly a six percent increase in car accident-related deaths, the overall number of roadside fatalities have gone down marginally. A similar decline is also evident in the number of people seriously injured in car crashes. In fact, fatality risks

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Business man in modern office
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Virtual Office Plans: Five Options You Can Consider

Your working space forms one of your business’ most significant investments. When just starting, renting or buying an office space is beyond the reach of most investors. Fortunately, there is now an inexpensive solution for your business in a virtual office space. A virtual NYC office space gives your business all the support required for

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lawyer reviewing contracts
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Your Brand’s Defender: Qualities to Look for in a Business Lawyer

Your business might be stable and steady at this point, but you need to be ready. As your business grows, you will realize that the competition will get tough. Imitators and detractors will come out, serving as threats to your business. And at some point, a few customers can become your enemies, too. You need

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man with injury signing document
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Elements That Can Prove Mental Anguish for Victims in Personal Injury Lawsuits

There has been a steady increase in personal injury lawsuits because of the improved knowledge of people’s rights. While this is commendable, most victims in personal injury cases do not fully understand how much their case is precisely worth. They will primarily focus their claim on the degree of physical injuries they suffered, how much

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Lawyer talking with couple

Divorce in Utah: Property Division and Equitable Distribution

At divorce, assets and liability are divided between the two parties. Property distribution is dependent on the decision and discretion of the court if parties cannot agree on fair and reasonable property division among themselves. The District or Family Court is responsible for dividing marital estates listed on the divorce papers in the state of

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Divorce Assistance Lawyer

Avoid These Things if You Want to Win Your Child Custody Case

When the judge is listening to a child custody case, the focus is to make a conclusion based on the kid’s best interest. Although the definition of a child’s best interest differs from one state to another, the court often favors the parent who is actively involved in the kid’s life. The court also supports the parent

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