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probate on a stamp

Ways to Protect Your Family from a Probate

Nobody wants to see their families go through the legal process of probate. It’s expensive, time-consuming, and emotionally draining. The reason why we work so hard now while we still can is that we want to leave something behind for our families. We want to make sure they are happy. We save and invest because

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Bail Bonds Sign in Window

How the Bail Bond Process Works: From Start to Finish

According to the legal principle of Presumption of Innocence,  every citizen is assumed innocent until they are proven guilty. Detaining a person for several days or weeks violates their constitutional right to an immediate trial. The bail bond system is one way to secure your rights. Not everyone, however, is allowed to be released on

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Vehicle Crash

Understanding Work-Related Vehicle Crashes

Millions of employees ride a vehicle as part of their everyday jobs. However, it also means that millions are at risk of motor vehicle crashes and injuries each year. Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that in 2013 alone, employers had to pay over $25 billion for various expenses. The money spent went to

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divorce attorneys

What Are Some Misconceptions About Divorce Mediation?

Some of the common misconceptions about mediation for divorcing couples include an unfair advantage to one party, a prolonged time before settling, and even a belief that it’s only for cowards. If you live in New York, the process of divorce mediation in Long Island and other cities will typically involve five stages. Remember that

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a killer person with sharp knife

London: Soft on Crime but Harsh on Words

London has fallen into a dark pit of identity politics, and there seems to be little hope of it getting out. Thought crimes or crimes that offend another person’s feeling are dealt with harshly while real crimes that cause harm and even death are treated with kid gloves. Stabbings, Stabbings, Stabbings The UK recorded close

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