Advice From a Seasoned Estate Planning Lawyer

We all must face the fact that we will someday pass away and that we will want to leave our assets to our family and friends. In this YouTube video, an experienced estate planning lawyer discusses how to plan your estate. An estate planning lawyer is responsible for assisting clients in making a legal plan that documents their wishes for whom they want to receive their assets after they pass away.

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In addition to a Will, an estate plan can designate a person named as the Executor of the estate. This may be a different role than a Power of Attorney, a Financial Power of Attorney, or a Health Care Proxy. In some cases, all these roles may be filled by the same person.

Some estate plans include an Advanced Directive. This document provides instructions for which actions they want medical professionals to take on their behalf – and which actions they don’t want. The most common questions answered in these documents are whether the person wants CPR, intubation, or mechanical resuscitation.

Estate plans can also provide information about the person’s bank accounts and insurance information. They may have documents that describe any trusts or real estate assets if the person has any wishes or documents about their funeral arrangements and burial plans.

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