Pillars of Strength: Industries with Physically Demanding Jobs

Some people like to push their bodies to the limit and see how far they can go. The greatest athletes are among this crowd. Many sports showcase how fast one can run, how high they can jump, or how much weight they can lift. These are feats chased by those who are extraordinary, but it is an idea that is not without faults. If pushed too far, injuries can happen. When this occurs, there is full support from the team or organization to help nurse back the athletes to health.

Injuries do not just happen to athletes, though. There are other physically demanding jobs out there. If there is negligence that results in an unfortunate event, like an employee getting hit on the head due to a workplace obstacle, they can seek the services of a brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles in case they want to file for a claim. If the employee is not at fault, they should not have to shoulder the medical expenses related to the injury.

How physical could jobs get? Here are well-known industries and examples of professions that can demand the most out of an employee physically:


As mentioned earlier, the realm of sports is probably the industry where physical demand is the highest. Although there are a few that are not as stringent, most sports require the athlete to undergo intense and rigorous training to keep their body in top shape. Aside from this, some of the sports themselves involve physical contact that can border on the violent side. 

Nothing exemplifies this more than fighting matches such as boxing and martial arts, where competitors aim to outclass each other through kicks, punches, and grapples. Athletes from these sports should train themselves until they are built like tanks to withstand many blows to their heads and torsos.

track star at the finish line


Those working in construction projects often deal with tools and heavy objects. They also have to contend with falling debris. A tough mind and a strong body are required here; the work usually involves repetitive manual labor done for long hours at a time. Sites are required to follow safety measures to keep everyone safe from harm.


The entertainment industry may not strike you on the physical aspect in the same light as sports and construction, but there are jobs here that are just as demanding. While you are used to equating entertainment with beautiful actors and actresses, there are stuntmen and stuntwomen who risk their lives performing spectacular tricks for the sake of adding more flair to a movie or TV show. Some of their acts include tumbling down a flight of stairs or running through a wall of fire. 

Straddling between entertainment and sports is the world of professional wrestling. People used to argue its authenticity, but it is clearly scripted and fictional. But the antics that the wrestlers pull off during matches are undeniably real. These are essentially a showcase of stunt work, and they can only be pulled off by highly trained professionals.

Some are expected, but even the unlikeliest of industries can demand physical prowess from its employees. As long as everything is done with proper safety management, no one should worry about anyone getting hurt. If such a thing happens, though, and it is proven that there has been incompetence or negligence on the employer’s part, legal action is possible.