Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer as a Challenging and Noble Profession

There have been very famous and controversial criminal case trials, and in most cases, the viewers have made up their minds on the fates of the accused. This is difficult because it deprives the right of the accused to a fair and just trial, and this is built on a very fundamental premise: The accused is innocent unless there is enough evidence to prove that he or she is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

That is why being a criminal defense attorney is both challenging and noble. Even in cities like Lynnwood, which would not be subject to extensive media coverage, criminal cases are always clouded by the thirst for justice and sometimes, retribution.

For many reasons, criminal defense is an uphill battle but the nobility of this profession should be recognized.

Upholding the Presumption of Innocence

It is a fundamental principle in the United States’ bill of rights, and one of the tenets of criminal law in the United States. However, if there is a gruesome crime and grieving victims, it is easy to rush to conclusions as the general public’s instinct is to demand retribution, in what they would call “justice.”

These are the challenges that a criminal defense lawyer will face. They need to keep reminding the court and even the public that their client has a right to a fair trial no matter what they think of him or her.

What can even be harder for a defense lawyer is how he can be vilified even after he wins the case. For defendants that have been given a “trial by publicity,” the accused is already convicted in the eyes of many. If the counsel for the defense overturns their assumption, the lawyer himself will be pictured as an accomplice in the crime.

Police Work is Not Perfect

police writting a report

One of the biggest reasons being a criminal defense lawyer should be seen as a noble profession is that they are the ones who redeem any mistakes of the police or other arresting agencies.

There are cases when an FBI team in full battle gear would knock on someone’s door, armed with a warrant, and if there is no answer, they could just barge in and arrest the persons involved. There have been cases of mistaken identity; there are also instances where charges are not substantiated, withdrawn, or dismissed.

In any case, the apprehended suspect is not the guilty party. Whatever the reason, it is the criminal defense lawyer that will be the only saving grace for the citizens on the receiving end of this arrest.

Ensuring the Accuracy of the Prosecution Procedures

The prosecution’s goal is a conviction, and in many cases, they would have the public on their side. There are times that prosecutors do not have a very strong, convincing case. A strong defense would require them to present solid evidence and stay true to their mandate to prove the guilt of the defendant “beyond reasonable doubt.”

There won’t be true justice if the prosecution convicts a suspect under questionable circumstances, because there is a possibility that they would send the wrong suspect to jail while the true guilty party is running scot-free. A good criminal defense attorney will help prevent this. They can examine the evidence and the procedure of the investigation to make sure it is the real perpetrator placed behind bars.