Common Cases Families Need to Fix in Court

Family law encompasses a broad range of cases and scenarios and isn’t limited to dealing with divorce and child custody cases. While most couples enter into a marriage and have kids under the pretense that their bond will last—that’s not always the case, especially in the United States, where 39% of marriages end in divorce.

That’s why family law cases can be so complicated and require the assistance of a knowledgeable and reputable family attorney. Family law lawyers handle many responsibilities and address all matters with respect and sensitivity since it involves families and children. They can advise you on the best protocols you can do and give you resources to help your case.

With that in mind, below are some of the most common cases a family lawyer can help you with.


Divorce is a typical domestic case that family law attorneys can help with, assisting individuals in ending their relationships at court and in front of a judge. Marriages can also be terminated through annulment cases by grating a ‘separation,’ where the court gives out orders regarding properties, alimony, and child custody—but the couples remain legally married.

Child and Spousal Support

Child and spousal support or alimony is synonymous with divorce and usually a contentious component of the cases. A family law attorney can help families build a working and amicable relationship even after a divorce settlement.   Domestic Violence Domestic violence cases are matters that deal with abuse or threats between two individuals in a close relationship—regardless if they’re married or not. A family attorney can help clients get restraining orders or an order of protection, help clients combat false allegations of domestic violence, or save them from an abusive relationship.

Child Custody

during a divorce trial

A component of divorce is child custody cases, where both parents are fighting to see where their child ends up growing up—and family lawyers can help secure your child’s custody while arranging a legal agreement with your ex-spouse.

Termination of Parental Rights

If there are serious reasons why parents shouldn’t have custody of their children, like abandonment, neglect, or abuse, the family court can remove the parent’s rights to care for them. Plus, if someone else reliable wishes to become a child’s legal parent, the family court can grant an adoption, legally creating a parent-child relationship. A family attorney can help a child get the ‘parent’ they deserve by winning a case over negligent parents.

Juvenile Matters

Domestic or family courts oversee all cases where allegations of child abuse, neglect, or where people accuse minors get accused of doing something illegal. Although the District’s Attorney Juvenile Division mostly handles these matters, the family court may approve work permits for any minor under 14 years old. A family attorney can help kids get the justice they deserve by proving their innocence.

Approval of Underage Marriages or Emancipation

To couples under 18 years old and who want to marry or get emancipated, which is where they can become legally free from their parents’ control—can petition the domestic court for approval. A family lawyer can help or walk a young couple through the lengthy process.


Guardianship cases involve finding out who will be responsible for the financial, medical, educational, and personal decisions over children or adults who are incapable of caring for themselves. A family lawyer can help by finding the best possible ‘guardian’ for the affected individuals.

Domestic matters are typically more intense than other legal issues. Because the problems that fall under family law involve the relationship between loved ones, it’s a challenging topic to deal with—but having a family lawyer by your side streamlines the process and system for you. They can help you with all the cases mentioned and more.