Divorce Talks: Here’s What You Should Know Before Choosing Mediation

Divorce is most often considered a negative word, so it is not surprising that many couples end up in bad terms when ending their marriage. While this is a typical scenario, there are also those who can work together and reach an agreement. In cases like this, divorce mediation proves to be a good choice, especially if you want the process to be less expensive and arduous.

Mediation, in essence, is all about both parties deciding all the issues covered in their divorce. It involves working with a neutral third party, referred to as a mediator, who will assist you and your spouse to reach an agreement. While the mediator is not allowed to make decisions for both parties, s/he will help you work through the issues and find a solution that works best for everyone.

If you’re in the process of ending your marriage and thinking of a cost-effective way to do it, mediation is worth considering. Divorce mediation offices in Long Island share are some of the things you should know about the process.

What makes it different from other methods?

Compared to court trials or litigation, mediation is much simpler and less time-consuming. As you and your spouse can come up with a decision using open communication and negotiation, it also costs less than following the arrangement in a legal proceeding.  Another great thing about mediation is that gives both parties a way to settle their issues while helping them work together as parents.

Do I need a lawyer for mediation?


In most cases, divorce mediations do not require both parties to have a lawyer. This is because a mediator is already present to facilitate spouses in reaching an agreement. You can still, however, choose to hire a divorce attorney to learn more about your rights and for additional legal advice. You can also get the help of a lawyer to prepare the paperwork and come up with settlement ideas.

Will mediation for work for every divorcing couple?

As mediation is an amicable way to end a marriage, it will only work if you and your spouses are willing to negotiate and work together. It will not work in certain situations, especially if both parties cannot communicate with each other while arguing. In cases with spousal abuse or domestic violence, mediation may be less effective. This is also true if there is no respect for each other or if one spouse has deliberately hurt or deceived the other party.

How long does the process take?

Mediation is usually less time consuming than divorce, but the spouses’ willingness and ability to work together, as well as the complexity of the divorce issues, will determine the length of the process.  While every couple is different, the average case may take three or four sessions. It can also be resolved in less time, depending on the specifics of the case.

If you’re going through divorce or thinking of ending your marriage, it is best to discuss your case with the right legal professional. This is to know more about mediation, as well as other options that can work well for your situation. You can also turn to a divorce attorney to get some guidance throughout the process.