Important Things to Know about Land Surveying

Contacting an experienced land surveyor here Utah can give you peace of mind when it comes to developing your property, a sure one less headache in the future. Whether it’s a future commercial building or even as big as an industrial complex to simply drafting the parcel where your future house will soon rise, land surveying serves a critical role.

Indeed, there are different criterions when it comes to surveying lands. And then there are some things you should also look into when hiring the right land surveying team. So here are the common things you should be aware of when hiring a land surveying service:

Importance of Land Survey

Dispute on land ownership the most common issue that is being resolved through a proper land survey. If you want to purchase a parcel of land, the last thing you would want to have is putting up a fence on your neighbor’s property, thinking it is still part of your land title.

In many cases, landowners seek a land surveyor to divide the property amongst their children as an inheritance. Or maybe, get a chunk of their property and sell it to any interested parties. Banks also hire land surveyors before purchasing a property. In truth, a properly surveyed property helps protect your interests and investments.

Different Land Surveys

Did you know that there are different types of land surveying? For wannabe landowners and homeowners, a boundary survey will help you determine the actual section of the land, particularly its boundary lines and corners. This information is used when applying for permits to build a house or any structure. It can also be used for resolving legal issues such as disputes with your neighbor.

Most insurance companies require floodplain surveys before acquiring property to determine the properties of a piece of land or even buildings. This provides them additional information when computing for the risk factors and other insurance costs of a property.

Lot split survey helps to divide the land into two or more parcels while lot consolidation survey combines two or more parcels into one. Finally, the United States government, thru its Public Land Survey System office, uses a cadastral survey to identify public lands and helps define property lines.

Land Survey Costing

Land surveying

There are many factors to consider in determining the cost of the survey. In most common of these factors is the size of the land, the terrain where the property is located, the work needed to be done, and if there is already an existing public certified record. But did you know that you can lower the amount you have to pay to have your land surveyed?

Of course, contracting a local licensed, insured, and trusted land surveying team is one of the better options. Having a certified copy of your land title as well as preparing the records from your local probate office makes the work easier. And because the job of surveying lands is on an hourly rate, clearing the land of any obstruction can help make their work faster.

Indeed, land surveying is one of the requirements when owning a property. One less headache while giving additional security to your investment. It doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive!

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