Don’t Let a Divorce Blindside You

Some people retaining the services of a reliable divorce attorney in Santa Fe, NM are often caught flat-footed when their partners ask for a divorce. Such a development shocks them because they were mostly unaware that their partners were that disgruntled. Many mistakenly believe that domestic abuse, money problems, or infidelity are some of the leading causes of a divorce.

While these factors are most well known, they are hardly the heavy hitters. Research shows that over 65% of marriages fail due to poor communication. It may come as a surprise, but such seemingly small issues can take such a toll on your marriage. To avoid becoming part of these statistics and have your life turned upside down, there some credible ways to keep your marriage alive.

Keep the fire alive

man and woman in therapy

When is the last time you and your significant other went out for a date night, or slipped each other romantic notes? When is the last time you heard a heart to heart talk with the boy or the girl of your dreams, or bought them flowers or chocolates?

See, these are the small gestures that strengthen a relationship. Such actions make the recipient feel special, valued, wanted, loved — the cement that holds relationships together. They help keep the flame alive in your relationship by ensuring that the novelty never wears off. Such thoughtful and loving actions give your partners something to hold on when the times get tough.

You need to make new beautiful memories each day by taking part in activities that both of you enjoy. For instance, you can have a date night at least once a month, where the night is just about the two of you. That will help rekindle the romance and ensure that the flames never flicker out.

Establish shared interests

Time is cruel on the human body, and that becomes apparent as you age. For women, childbirth is especially taxing, as it comes with significant changes in physical appearance. Balding, weight gain, and loss of athleticism are common aging effects in men.

Your marriage isn’t likely to survive this stage if you don’t have more physical attraction going for you. You must reconcile with the fact that physical appearance will change with time, and so don’t make it the highlight of your marriage. Aim for a relationship that extends beyond physical and sexual attraction if you wish to build a healthy and happy marriage.

Shared values and interests are crucial for a healthy relationship that lasts for decades. Each party in a relationship has a diverse personality and cracks will appear soon enough if you don’t have sufficient areas of overlap. Having shared values “superglues” your relationship while letting the bond between the two of you grow stronger with time.

Missing the small signs your partner is disgruntled with can spell doom and gloom for your marriage. It’s easy to think that your spouse is happy and content in your marriage, but that would be a mistake. Instead of making dangerous assumptions, make time for them and go as far as asking them how they feel. If the worse comes to the worst and the marriage has to end, be sure to retain the services of a credible divorce attorney to help you with the difficult process.