Here’s what to Do When the Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

Rash driving is a craze in the new age youths and teens. Everyone wants to be the Mad Max in a Pontiac. But there is just one issue. They do not have a grip on the wheels like old Max. Hence, they zone out of the road for a moment, and boom! Even just a dent makes you sit there thinking- what did I do to run into this gentleman? Or did the gentleman run into you? If you are positive, it was the latter. Then we are positive you are the victim.

In any car accident, someone is at fault, and some are the victim. Unless the accident was because of natural causes like fogs or hurricanes. Hence, if someone crashes into you because of unreasonable speeding or disregard for traffic rules, you must know what to do to get the right settlement and justice for the injuries you have had. Here’s what to know when you want to be paid for the cost for the repair of your car and your body.

Safety First

Always make sure you’re entirely safe after the accident. Every collision and every tremor has an after effect. Make sure that you, your passengers, and other people on the road are safe from them. It is your responsibility as a law-abiding citizen. Here’s what to do-

  • Get out of the car safely, avoiding sharp edges or glass, if any.
  • Check around the car for fluid leakages. If you smell raw gas, turn off your engine, get everyone to a safe distance, and call the police.
  • If there is no damage to the car’s interior, move it away from the ongoing traffic.
  • Turn on the hazard lights of your car.
  • Check for injuries to yourself, your passengers, and call for medical help if there is serious bleeding or injuries.

Remember, you mustn’t drive too further from the scene. If the driver who hit you flees, call the police immediately and make sure you have the driver’s vehicle registration number at fault.

Involvement of the Law

motorcycle accident

It doesn’t matter if the accident was a dent in your fenders or a speed demon crash. It would be best if you involved the police. Always make sure you call the police after checking the injuries you’ve had because that’s what will help you settle the claim with your insurance company and the faulty driver.

A police report is your evidence to get an immediate claim on your insurance money from the insurance company. The police report, which must include- the name of the driver at fault, the crash site, and the account of both the drivers. However, people do lie, so you’d want to have a car accident lawyer by your side to make sure you are a proven victim in the accident.

Both the drivers’ insurance companies will ask for a police report if the claim has to be made. In any case, the police report is a necessary document to prove that the accident your fault.

Note Down Information and collect Evidence

You’ll surely be going to court to claim settlements for your medical and car repair bills. Even though you’ll be assisted by a lawyer, accidents happen in a flash anyone can forget important information and evidence to claim victimization. Hence, you must always follow the steps below.

  • Name address and phone number of the driver at fault
  • Contact info for the insurance company of the other driver
  • Insurance policy number
  • The other driver’s license number
  • The other car’s license plate number

Always make sure you document everything related to the accident as evidence. Taking pictures and asking for contact numbers of the eye-witnesses at the scene will get you immediate relief from the court proceedings. It will also be beneficial for your insurance claim and police report.