Enjoy access to legal support and guidance with the help of a criminal solicitor

If you find that you or a family member is at the centre of a criminal investigation or prosecution, perhaps it’s time that you seek legal advice from a criminal solicitor.

They will be able to offer legal support around the clock as well as deliver valuable insight into the proceedings and the necessary steps that will need to be followed.

Solicitors specialising in criminal-based investigations are able to help with a variety of cases ranging from allegations to murder charges as well as terrorism and modern slavery-focused offences.

These solicitors have years of experience in dealing with sensitive cases such as these and are able to offer you as the client professional counsel and representation.

Once you have enlisted the professional help of a solicitor they will be able to assist with outlining some of the options that are available to you as well as how to best form a defence strategy going forward for your case. They will strive to ensure you receive the best possible outcome and will have your best interests at heart.

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Criminal lawyers have experience with complex legal cases

A criminal-based lawyer has a great understanding of complex legal cases that involve different aspects of crime and will be perfectly suited to assist you with any legal queries you may have. They also have a thorough understanding of how the court proceedings will take place and the steps and protocols that will need to be followed. Lawyers of this nature will be able to assist with protecting your rights and ensuring you stand a fair trial should your case go to court.

Some of the cases criminal lawyers are able to assist with include cases whereby there are self-defence claims or instances of provocation as well as instances of insanity or diminished responsibility.

A criminal lawyer can represent you in court

If you find that you or a loved one is facing criminal charges and will be scheduled to make an appearance in court, a solicitor is able to offer legal representation for you in the Magistrates’ Court or even the Crown Court if this is required.

Other duties a criminal lawyer is able to assist with includes the collection of evidence in the lead up to your court date, assistance with interviewing witnesses that pertain to your case and even sourcing CCTV footage that may prove useful in your defence strategy.

One of the main benefits of having legal representation is that you are able to turn to them for assistance 24/7, every day of the week. They will be on hand to offer advice, support and guidance and can also assist with being present for any interviews that take place with the police. Should you be arrested they are also able to assist with finalising your bail conditions and dealing with administrative tasks on your behalf.

Enjoy access to legal assistance during each phase of your case

Did you know criminal lawyers are also able to assist their clients during the prosecution phase of the case? If you find that charges have been officially filed against you, a criminal lawyer will be able to offer legal representation and assistance during this stage of the process.

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