Who Makes Up a Divorce Team?

While divorce ultimately happens between two people, the process can involve many key players. Their function ensures that couples separate with the least animosity possible.

Some of these individuals may include:

1. Divorce Lawyers

The idea of hiring a divorce lawyer may seem frightening, but it is often worth it. A good family law attorney has the expertise to negotiate terms, so that you and your ex-spouse can become amicable, which will save you time and money in the long run.

Divorce lawyers can also guide you throughout the process. If your relationship with your partner is acrimonious, these professionals can appear on courts and negotiations on your behalf. This means you don’t have to meet your ex-spouse frequently.

Lawyers also work hard to ensure that your divorce doesn’t end up in court as it only lengthens the process and makes everything more complicated. The judgment can also be not in your favor.

Because of this, they may work alongside other professionals such as a mediator, who can help you and your spouse come to an agreement by discussing the terms of your divorce – without lawyers.

2. Child Custody Evaluators

Child custody evaluators are often professionals who assess children to decide with which parent they will stay. They can be psychiatrists, pediatricians, clinical social workers or some other mental health professional.

They interview parents and children, ask for any history of abuse or neglect, whether either parent has a criminal record, and other key details. They also evaluate the parents’ abilities to care for their children based on their lifestyles, financial status, and other factors. The evaluators will make a recommendation about custody after all evidence has been gathered.

3. Process Servers

Most states in the United States consider any legal documents required by a court to be “service of process.” These documents are sent to your spouse or through their attorney, if one has been hired.

Once these papers have been served, you must follow the instructions outlined in them, whether it is making an appearance in court or submitting financial documentation.

For this reason, a process server best practice includes working outside office hours. They also practice excellent research skills and keep themselves alert to ensure they can serve the summons and other legal documents to the other party as quickly as possible.

4. Accountants and Financial Advisors

divorce lawyers

As part of your divorce settlement, you will likely have to submit a detailed financial statement. This means you will have to provide all income and expense information for both parties as well as any assets that may be included. You may also be required to sell property or divide investments if necessary.

To avoid any conflicts during this process, experts conduct a full financial analysis of both parties. They factor in debts, taxes, and other expenses that might otherwise be forgotten during negotiations. This information ensures that the terms of your divorce settlement are fair for everyone involved.

5. Child Support Specialists

Child support specialists help determine visitation rights as part of your divorce settlement by interviewing children involved, consulting psychologists or other professionals if necessary, and ensuring detailed documentation. They may even help modify existing child support orders.

They are also instrumental in the establishment of paternity cases where there is any doubt about who a child’s biological father is. This can make it easier for children to obtain financial support from their fathers as well as medical insurance or Social Security benefits. In this sense, child support experts help bring families closer together.

6. Divorce Coaches

Divorce coaches are not legal professionals. However, they often work closely with attorneys or other family law experts to help maximize success throughout the process.

Divorce coaches offer emotional support throughout this difficult time in your life and can even meet face-to-face or through Skype during negotiations with your spouse. They are excellent negotiators who have worked successfully with other clients in the past.

They can also help you get through the initial stages of your divorce by offering guidance and encouraging you to create a plan for moving forward. This helps make the process more manageable while giving you support through one of life’s most difficult challenges.

7. Insurance Experts

Divorce changes many things, including insurance policies. For example, if the spouse is the beneficiary of a life insurance coverage, it will likely be nullified once you divorce. If either party buys new life insurance policies, it is also vital for them to update their beneficiaries to ensure your children are taken care of if something happens to you.

In addition, divorce often brings a change in auto insurance rates as well as rates through other providers that may increase or decrease depending on how your marital status affects the other party. Insurance experts help ensure that you are adequately covered in case of an accident or disaster.

There’s no easy way to end a marriage. However, the right professionals can help make this process as smooth and successful as possible.