Representation and Rights: An Employee’s List of Needs

As an employee of any company, it is your right to know your benefits and advantages for working. In the best-case scenario, your employers are transparent about what you deserve and give these benefits without a fuss. However, there may come a time when they will forget or neglect their responsibilities. Here are your basic rights in any form of employment:


Any company that hires several employees for their business should provide their people the right to representation and unions. Employees have needs that they must speak of, and they also have strong opinions on how they’re being treated. No matter how big or small your employer’s business is in Townsville, they should obey the law and allow the right to legal representation for each person who works for them.

Compensation and Benefits

It goes without saying that people who work should be paid for their labour. No matter how small, simple, easy, or common the task is, employees need the right compensation for what they do. What makes this a big point of contention in some companies is that they will be anal about roles and tasks, forcing certain people to do something outside of their contractual work obligations. When the employee performs this task, whether it’s within the department or out of it, they don’t get paid. The employer will then give many ridiculous reasons for not paying them for their work, such as that it is only a one-time request, everyone else has done it, or it’s going the extra mile. Learn to identify unfairness and abuse when they are happening in your workplace and speak up.

Career Growth

Career lather

A good company will always allow a person to rise through the ranks or at least feel good about staying where they are. Even fast-food employees deserve to feel respected and honoured in their position, no matter how cheap their labour may seem to the general public. If an employer truly admires and wishes to empower their people, they will not hesitate to put them in positions they can handle as well as pay them for the additional responsibilities connected to the job. Bad employees and clients will constantly put their workers in positions that do not mean anything regarding advancement, just more work to do with no additional pay.


If an employer wants their people to be happy, they should be ready to accept that their people might want to find that happiness elsewhere. They do not have to treat them badly for a company to lose their workers. Sometimes, the people just want a change in scenery or they see better growth elsewhere. They will be happy to see their people become managers, business owners, and leaders in other places.

Regardless of your position, financial status, needs, or experience, you have rights that should be respected and exercised whenever you’re in the workplace and wherever you go as a representative of the company. Know what they owe you and get a proper representative to speak on your behalf.