When You’re Ready to be a Parent but Your Body Says No

The world is running out of babies. That might sound dramatic the first time you hear it, but take a look at the dropping fertility rates in developed countries. Couples are choosing to get married later, and they push back their plans to start a family as late as possible.

Imagine how heartbreaking it would be if you finally decide to have a baby only to realize you are unable to conceive. Before you think it’s a hopeless case and you have to abandon your dream of parenthood, know the facts.

Rising Infertility Rates

There is no definitive reason for the rise in infertility rates, but it may be due to stress. And who wouldn’t be stressed in a world where even schools are unsafe, and basic human rights may be suppressed all for political gains? Even the mere act of staying updated with the news may affect your stress levels.

Don’t lose hope just yet. A visit to your doctor may reveal options that will help you improve your fertility, and there are artificial ways to get pregnant as well.

Adoption: A Lifesaver

mother and daughter playingAside from artificial insemination, there is another way to have a child. Adoption is a practice that has helped families from all over the world to fill that gap in their life by bringing home a child they can call their own.

With the help of an adoption attorney, you can legalize every aspect of the process so that no one can take your child away from you. Even after a divorce, you may also adopt the child of your partner from a previous marriage in Colorado Springs.

One of the reasons couples choose adoption is the cost difference. Artificial insemination does not guarantee results, and you may need to try several times, which can easily cost thousands of dollars.

Plus, you or a surrogate mother will also have to take care to carry the baby to full term. Although adoption is not a same-day process, unless you are adopting an embryo, you are bringing home a child and parenthood start there.

Helping the World in the Process

The fact that the world is experiencing a decrease in births may be hard to believe when you see children on the streets in various levels of homelessness. The problem is, unemployment may be linked to unplanned pregnancy.

And because parents are unemployed, they do not have the means to support a child, which results in the child being abandoned or the whole family falling into homelessness.

Your decision to adopt can give a child a better life. If all orphans, abandoned children, and children living in financially insecure households can be given a new home, perhaps the world will truly be a better place. It makes sense to help a child in need instead of adding another child into the system, right?

It can be disheartening to find out that you cannot have your own child through means that come easy for other people. But maybe it’s a way for you to consider other ways of raising a child in this world.