Your Brand’s Defender: Qualities to Look for in a Business Lawyer

Your business might be stable and steady at this point, but you need to be ready. As your business grows, you will realize that the competition will get tough. Imitators and detractors will come out, serving as threats to your business. And at some point, a few customers can become your enemies, too. You need to prevent all these from happening. If it is not possible, you should at least set up some protective measures. Insurance policies and indemnity packages are your best bets. But when it comes to situations that have legal repercussions, you will need a lawyer.

You might not have considered getting a lawyer before. But you need to rethink your strategy. You will need them before it is too late, especially when you are expanding your business, dealing with employee-related matters, and copyright protection. With that in mind, you should work with the best business lawyer in Utah. Here are some qualities that you should look for:


The very first quality that you need to look for is their professionalism—experience should also come with this. This is relatively easy to gauge. You just research their track record and see the cases they have won. You can consult them at some point and try to assess their professionalism by talking to them. Of course, you will need someone to vouch for them. With that in mind, you can speak with their past clients.


While lawyers are known to be stern and aggressive, they are also known to be empathetic. This means that they are understanding. They should be a good listener, and they should not just be the one doing the talking. They should let you take the lead; they should let you talk first. Notice if they listen with intent and understanding. Only through listening can they formulate sound advice for you.

lawyer taking notes of client


Business lawyers should not look pushovers. They should have a stance that makes them look dignified and respected. With that in mind, the lawyer you should be working must be assertive. They know what they are saying, and they know that their advice can help you win the argument or case. Their assertion and persuasive arguments, however, should always be based on your given facts. Hence, during your talks, you should have a policy of honesty or transparency. Do not hide details from your lawyer because doing so can weaken your business relationship.


Good business lawyers are not fantastical beings—they should keep things simple. Their strategy should not sound too grand. Otherwise, you might find it difficult to understand. Great lawyers are practical. They make things seem natural and effortless without losing their essence and efficacy. Most importantly, great lawyers should be reliable. You should always be able to count on them.

In the end, these are just some things to keep in mind if you want to find the best lawyer for your business. If you feel uncertain about whom to hire, you can always ask your family or friends for some recommendations.