Establishing Communication Through a Rocky Relationship

We often find meaning and fulfillment in the personal relationships we make with people. That’s why marriage is considered a milestone by many. It means you have found someone to share your emotions and your life with. But not everything ends with butterflies and rainbows.

Being in a personal and intimate relationship with someone means struggling with them. It means going through highs and lows with that person. And going through highs and lows where the both of you are experiencing less than positive experiences often leads to a rocky relationship. And dealing with a rocky relationship can be an entirely difficult experience on its own. So to help you with that, here are some tips to better navigate your relationship with your partner.

Calm Down and Remain Respectful

“Never decide when you’re hungry” is a common adage often attributed to making decisions in life. Interestingly enough, this applies to relationships as well. Talking while filled with negative emotions will only result in more arguments. Instead, learn to calm down before reacting and teach yourself not to act on impulse.

However, there are situations where you have to immediately discuss the matter at hand. And when in such a case, it’s best to contain your emotions and remember to be respectful. It’s very easy to be rude when you see red, but that will only exacerbate the situation. Even when angry, it’s best to respond respectfully and calmly. No social problem has ever been resolved by outrage and anger, and it’s best to remember that.

Confront the Situation Instead of Jumping to Conclusions

When your partner does something you don’t particularly like, it’s easy to assume that they’re doing it to annoy us. But there are reasons why people act a certain way. So instead of jumping to conclusions, the wise decision is to communicate.

Ask them why they did what they’ve done. Understand their reason behind it and communicate your emotions properly. Oftentimes, people don’t consciously act maliciously towards others. It’s just that they have different experiences in life, and the difference in reactions and experiences can sometimes show. The simplest way to resolve something is not to immediately assume but ask them why. You’ll realize that things aren’t as bad as they might seem.

couple angry at each other

Don’t Give Them the Cold Shoulder

Nobody likes being ignored. But sometimes, we’re too filled with emotions that we can’t help but ignore people — even the ones we love. Most especially if the source of anger is the ones we love. We don’t want to hurt them further, so instead, we give them the cold shoulder.

But by keeping your emotions bottled up and staying quiet, you’re simply making the situation worse. Almost everything can be solved through cordial discussion, and giving someone the cold shoulder only prolongs the agony. As mentioned before, it’s best to communicate your feelings. Learning to express yourself calmly and explaining why you’re feeling that way can go a long way when dealing with a rocky relationship.

Your Actions Can Speak Louder Than Your Words

Some people feel better after a discussion. But not everyone works like that. Some people feel better only after being wooed; others feel better over time. What’s important to understand is that regardless of their natural response to being angry or hurt, actions will always speak louder than words.

Never forget to show your love or care for your partner. Keep doing the things that make them happy. Prepare their food, help them with their tasks, and go ab9out your day normally. Make the conscious effort to reconcile, and put in the action to back up your words.

Have a Serious Discussion

Often, when both parties are filled with emotions, there’s the refusal to discuss (as mentioned before). With this refusal to discuss comes the repetition of events. Without talking about the situation, you’re bound to repeat your mistakes and not get anywhere.

Talking about what you truly feel, sorting out the situation between you and your partner is the only way forward. Whether it be reconciling or eventually agreeing to hire a divorce lawyer, it’s crucial to discuss, or else the cycle will only repeat. So have a serious sitdown discussion; it’s the only way the both of you can come to terms.

Every relationship will have a rocky patch in its duration. And that rocky patch might eventually lead to a separation. This doesn’t mean that all your efforts were for naught. It’s through our experiences with people that we learn. And communicating and discussing your situation with your partner is the only way you can reach an agreement of trying to fix it or move on with your life.