Protecting Truck Drivers: Key Laws and Regulations in the U.S. Trucking Industry

truck driver climbing into cab

Truck drivers, totaling approximately 3.5 million in the U.S., play a vital role in the nation’s economy. Truck drivers have varied responsibilities, including compliance with transportation laws and conducting pre-trip vehicle inspections. The FMCSA enforces critical laws protecting truck drivers, such as Hours of Service and Minimum Training Standards. Devices like the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) and laws like FLSA and MAP-21 help … Read more

How to Get the Right Compensation After a Car Crash

woman having an injury after the car accident

Getting the proper compensation can help you recover from the accident and move forward with your life. Seek medical attention and document evidence from the scene after a car crash. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer to help value your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, and represent you in court if needed. Be honest with your insurance … Read more

Understanding Cohabitation: Legalities and Steps to Consider

family just moved in

Cohabitation is rising in popularity in the U.S., but laws vary significantly by state and offer limited protections. Common-law marriage may be recognized in some states after a certain period of cohabitation. Cohabiting couples often draft a cohabitation agreement to outline rights and obligations in case of a breakup. Domestic partnerships and civil unions may … Read more