Dealing with Emergencies that Life Throws at You

Expecting the unexpected may seem like a tall order. But to go through life comfortably without having to worry about unforeseen circumstances, you should have a few go-to fallbacks that you can rely on in times when you’re caught off-guard. You’ll be grateful for these preparations when the time comes to use them. Make sure … Read more

The Defense Options for Embezzlement Charges

Defense Options for Embezzlement Charges

Fraud is the most prevalent form of theft in business settings. This happens when someone takes property and money and uses it to gain some unfair benefit. Most cases of fraud involve some abuse of trust or deceit that differentiates them from other robbery types. Embezzlement marks the most common form of financial fraud you … Read more

Mental Illnesses and Disability Benefits: Do I Qualify?

mental illness

The Social Security Administration (SSA) acknowledges that a broad range of mental illnesses could potentially result in long-term or total disability. However, for you to be eligible for disability benefits for mental impairments in Salt Lake City, for example, a doctor should diagnose your condition and it should meet the following criteria to be considered … Read more

Don’t Let a Divorce Blindside You

divorce concept

Some people retaining the services of a reliable divorce attorney in Santa Fe, NM are often caught flat-footed when their partners ask for a divorce. Such a development shocks them because they were mostly unaware that their partners were that disgruntled. Many mistakenly believe that domestic abuse, money problems, or infidelity are some of the … Read more