Before the Wedding Bells: Legal Essentials for Couples

young couple holding hands

Obtain a marriage license and consider the legal implications of name changes pre-wedding. Understand tax implications and engage in prudent financial planning, including prenuptial agreements. Discuss property ownership and division, and understand the nuances of joint ownership. Address joint credit responsibilities, manage existing debts, and establish financial responsibility. Prioritize estate planning: establish a will or trust, … Read more

What to Do Following a Vehicle Collision

road accident with smashed cars

Check for injuries and seek medical attention if necessary Call the police to file a report and collect information from other driver Exchange contact information with the other driver and any witnesses Contact the insurance company as soon as possible for instructions on next steps Consider hiring a car accident attorney who can help protect … Read more

Outdated Laws That Continue to Hold Women Back

Sad woman in law

Unpaid maternity leave and unequal pay are holding women back. Discrimination in hiring practices continues to persist. Abortion access is being restricted and negatively affecting women. Divorce has become more equitable with laws protecting women’s rights. Sexual harassment needs to be addressed, and perpetrators held accountable. Regarding sexism in the legal system, the evidence is … Read more