Common Crimes in NYC

Just like any other city, New York has a dark side. It’s not always sunshine and butterflies, no matter where you go. All sorts of crime thrive in different cities, and the Big Apple isn’t an exception. Crimes can extend from personal injury to murder. An attorney seems to be more of a necessity than … Read more

Knowing the Common Blunders When Picking a Lawyer


Choosing an attorney is often thought of as an easy endeavor. Some people think of it that way, knowing that they have the Internet at their disposal. But this should not always be the case. If you keep on thinking this way, you are bound to commit some mistakes—some of which can be costly and … Read more

How Do You Solve a Workplace Problem?

Woman stressed at work

Problems in the workplace are bound to occur. When there is conflict, it’s best to focus on resolving the problem right away. But there are some cases when both parties aren’t willing to iron out issues. Stubbornness can come from the employees or the managers, or both. So what do you do when tough incidents … Read more