How to Help a Family Member Accused of a Crime

talking to a defense lawyer

While it may seem like a rare occurrence, the reality is that many people can easily get accused of a crime. When this happens, it would be stressful for both you and the accused. However, what is important is how you deal with it and moving on to the next steps to help them get … Read more

Ways You Can Protect Your Rights as an Employee

Line of employees

You may be treating your workplace as your second home. It is where you sharpen your skills, make friends, build your professional network, and make the most of your career. But the workplace can also be a place where some legal battles happen. And that usually happens for many reasons: harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination, salary … Read more

Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

Arrested computer hacker with handcuffs

There was a time when the most dangerous thing someone could have done online was getting their financial details hacked. But the world people live in right now is not as black and white as it used to be– and gone are the days it used to be that simple. Cybercrime evolves every day with new … Read more

How to Help Your Kids Before and After Your Divorce

child with parents divorcing

No matter how young children are, as long as they’re still dependent, their parents’ divorce will be overwhelming for them. They’d be overwhelmed with feelings of anger, guilt, and sorrow. They may even blame themselves for what happened. If they’re still toddlers, the changes in their routine may disorient them, stressing them out at a … Read more