What to Do If You Recently Signed an Unfavorable Timeshare Contract

Joint owners of a timeshare

Timeshares are attractive to avid vacationers. They eliminate the hassle of competing with other people for rental accommodations. They can offer desirable benefits, like onsite storage, which makes seasonal traveling less stressful. Are timeshares worth their price? Although timeshares surely have benefits, they are not suitable for everyone. For example, people who want to change … Read more

The White House Warns Foreign Hackers With New Cyber Strategy Policy

Cyber Strategy Policy

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton announced on Thursday, September 20, that the government is allowing offensive measures against foreign threats on cybersecurity after U.S. President Donald Trump signed the new National Cyber Strategy. Bolton says in an interview that the policy builds a structure of deterrence, showing adversaries that they will face greater … Read more