For Single Parents: Tips for Squeezing in Studies

a man studying

Parents have every reason to work towards getting a good job, and they will take the opportunity to make life better for their children. Being a single parent can make it difficult because only one person carries most parental responsibility. Here are some ways you can manage going back to studying despite the challenges of … Read more

3 Reasons You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer

a divorce lawyer

Family issues, such as a divorce, are often sensitive and messy. The legal procedure and all that needs to be accomplished can make enemies of you and your spouse, especially if you own a lot of properties or have young children. Hence, the ensuing legal battle can get ugly. Experienced divorce attorneys in Albuquerque can … Read more

Towards a Resolution: How Legal Investigators Help Defend Capital Cases

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One of the most crucial aspects of criminal law is defending capital crimes — offenses that are punishable by death penalty. To date, 30 out of 50 states have death penalty. Crimes that entail the capital punishment differ from state to state, so does the means of execution. One thing is similar, though: the resolution … Read more

How a Reservation of Child Support Works

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Under the law, noncustodial parents are required to provide financially for their children. This is called child support and it’s basically the amount of money that noncustodial parents need to pay for their child’s benefit, specifically for food, education, and healthcare. Custodial parents are likewise obligated to receive payments of child support. There are certain instances, however, … Read more

Top 3 Common Myths About Wills

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Before you die, you’ll want to see that your loved ones get a fair share of the assets and money that you leave behind. Unfortunately, so much has been said about will writing, and much of this information can be contradicting. It has impaired people’s ability to make right decisions regarding will writing. Others have … Read more

Coping Strategies When Dealing With Divorce

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Divorce isn’t something new, but that doesn’t mean it makes it easier to deal with. It’s sad that it has to happen with so many partners, no matter how many years they’ve been together. And with that comes the pain of dealing with everything from the issue of separation anxiety, the legal matters, and worst … Read more

Revoking a Will: Methods You Can Apply

last will and testament

There are various situations where revoking a will may be a feasible option. For instance, major lifestyle changes such as getting a divorce, getting married, or getting another baby may necessitate changes in the way you dispose of your property upon death. While there is a wide range of reasons you may want to alter … Read more

Defining Legal Terms: Why Being “Pre-Approved” and “In Principle Approval” Won’t Guarantee a Loan, Credit Card Application, or Other Deals


Let’s say you’re in a bank applying for a home loan, a credit card, or any type of financial deal. Over the phone or prior to arrival, a banker informed you that you were approved in principle or pre-approved. But after you get there, you leave empty-handed despite thinking you were going to walk out … Read more

Is the Free-Range Parenting Bill the Answer to Overparenting?

Free-Range Parenting Bill

In March of this year, Utah legalized the so-called “free-range parenting” bill. It’s the first legislation of its kind in America that encourages children to be independent at a young age. Governor Gary Herbert (R) signed the bill in the hopes resolving the issue of overparenting in the country. But the bill’s legalization in Utah … Read more